Conserve Energy and Add Style with Ceiling Fan Hangingryktara

Keep Your Home Cosy Regardless of Season with Ceiling Fan Mounting

Save energy and money with licensed ceiling fan installers

If properly mounted, any ceiling fan installation can benefit your home in a number of ways. HandymanDXB can safely install all types of ceiling fans to help you:

  • Cut on summer energy costs – This spinning mechanism will provide you with a fresh, damp-free breeze, allowing you to leave your thermostat setting unchanged;
  • Cut on winter energy costs – An electric ceiling fan can keep your home warm during the cold winter months by pushing the heated air inside your home downward;
  • Brighten up the place – Ceiling fans with lights can add an extra bit of glamour to your home.
  • Make your backyard even more relaxing – A well-placed outdoor ceiling fan is just what you need to forget about the scorching sun and mask the smell of your overcooked barbecue steaks;
  • Improve your property’s look – Differing in size and featuring exotic designs and lighting effects, you can easily find “the one” fan that will seamlessly blend in and add style to your home.

Ensure your peace of mind with hassle-free electrician services Dubai

The task of mounting a ceiling fan comes with a hefty amount of electrical work that could feel overwhelming for novice do-it-yourselfers. So, if “electrician” is not your middle name, then allow HandymanDXB to swiftly repair or replace any ceiling fan mounting hardware for you. The seasoned technicians know all safety regulations by heart and will not disrupt your daily routine in the slightest. They can also lend you a hand whenever you need to replace a ceiling fan or even just a ceiling fan hanging bracket.

Reasons to give our ceiling fan fitting a go


Licensed specialists at your service

Your session will be completely safe and commotion-free, so you will have no trouble being in the adjacent room while the electricians are wiring the ceiling fan. Each skilled professional has passed extensive training courses and has received an original NICEIC certificate. This means that they have the tools and the skills to install the electrical wiring for any ceiling fan out there, with or without lights.

Safety first

Besides sporting a polite and outgoing attitude, the professionals are also well-versed in the art of ceiling fan hanging and will mount it in the most energy efficient way possible. Fitting of any contemporary ceiling fan is a risky job and the team will take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of everyone within the building. Of course, the pros will also do their job without disturbing your routine in the slightest.

Individual ceiling fan mount approach

When fitting your high ceiling fan installation, the specialists will take their time to ensure that the fan is suspended properly, without any visible openings that could compromise its stability. They will carefully balance the blades so that they rotate at optimal speed and with minimum noise. If needed, the technicians can also fit a new ceiling fan extension rod, do a complete replacement of the ceiling fan blades, or install a brand new ceiling fan switch wiring. So, no matter what you may need, the team will skilfully do it for you.

Foolproof results

No matter if the job involves fitting a fan mounting bracket or a brand new ceiling fan, you can rest assured that your expectations will be met, and your preferences – honoured, all at a fair ceiling fan installation cost. For your peace of mind, each pro is fully insured and carries public liability insurance to damage in your property for a minimum of 5 million, guaranteeing the safety of both the team and your loved ones.