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The Dimmer Switch Repair Pro Will Fix Your Problem in a Jiffy

Keep your home well lit at all times with dimmer light switch installation

Dimmer switches – words that instantly make us think of cosy fireplaces, leather sofas, and glasses of excellent, red wine… until they stop working and all the magic fades away. And unlike regular switches, these involve many wires that should only be reconnected by a certified electrician. With bright smiles and suitable tools, the electricians at Fantastic Handyman will arrive to repair or replace your dimmer light switch in the safest manner possible. And before you ask, here are a couple of reasons why we are the right service provider for your needs:

  • We can restore your property’s lighting at any day of the week, bank holidays included;
  • All work is always done in line with the latest BS7671 wiring standard in the UAE;
  • NICEIC-certified pros who will get the job done without causing a mess or a ruckus;
  • The professionals can fix or replace light switches in all homes within Dubai;
  • Our service is always priced based on how much time the experts have spent on site;
  • Upon request, we also replace buttons, sockets, and transformers of any type

Lighten up with diligent dimmer switch replacement in Dubai


Why choose us to replace your dimmer switches, knobs, and modules?

Granted, replacing a knob on your own requires no more than a pair of rubber gloves and a screwdriver. However, if you face a faulty touch dimmer or a burnt module and you’re not convinced that you know what you’re doing, then allow the pros to take it from there. The electricians at Fantastic Handyman have fixed countless lamp dimmers in the past, so you can be sure that they know their profession like the back of their hand. The pros will also bring all necessary equipment: screwdrivers, circuit testers, wire strippers, and the switch itself.

Have your new led light dimmer installed the right way

The specialists will diligently follow a series of fitting steps to ensure that your lamp dimmer will work just as it was promised on the box. Let’s review these stages more closely:

  1. The pro will turn off the power supply and double check the switch with a circuit tester.
  2. Next, he will remove the plate by unscrewing all bolts that hold it in place.
  3. Then, he will get rid of the old dimmer switch and safely connect the new one.
  4. He will screw the plate back and test your new dimmer switch for your lamp.
  5. Once the job is done, the electrician will determine why the previous switch was faulty.
  6. Finally, you will receive a guarantee for your brand new dimmer switch or module!

You choose the electronic dimmer switch – we make it happen

Wiring a dimmer switch in your home will not just make your living room classier – when done right, it will also save energy! Depending on how your lighting system is set up, the pro can replace or install anything from single pole and plug-in light switches (suitable for table/floor lamps) to four-way and multi-location dimmers. When it comes to the visual side of things, the specialist can fit stylish rotary, toggle, or slide dimmers. And if you wish to impress your guests, you can even sci-fi up your home with tap, scene selector, or remote controlled dimmers!

Get your dimmer lights safely repaired or replaced today

Need rotary or sliding dimmer light switches asap? The diligent electrician can arrive for a same-day service, even on a Saturday! Just make sure to mention your dimmer switch type when filling in our online booking form, writing us in our instant web chat, or when making a call to get free quotes or book a session for a time of your convenience. Remember that our contact options are available around the clock, so if you are not in a hurry, you can always schedule dimmer repairs for any workday, weekend, or bank holiday you wish.