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Get Your Kitchen Up to Date with Skilled Electric Oven Installation

Entrust your electrical cooker installation to certified electricians

It takes a bit more than finding a free power outlet in your home to get your newly bought electric cooker going. The reason – such appliances tend to generate lots of heat and need a much larger current than your typical fridge or microwave. In other words, this means that you will need to install a separate circuit, with its own fuse and consumer unit in place. That is why you should always hire a NICEIC-certified technician when you need to fit an electric cooker.

Fantastic Handyman will safely fit any kitchen appliance for you

Even if you wish to replace an already existing cooker, a new circuit should also be installed to avoid potential accidents. Instead, contact Fantastic Handyman to hire an experienced professional who will:

  • Safely remove your old appliance by following all electric cooker installation regulations;
  • Check if your current circuit, fuse, or MCB can meet the energy demand of your new cooker;
  • Install your new appliance at an affordable electric cooker installation cost.

Rely on a service that meets all electric cooker installation requirements


Learn about the many benefits of using an electric cooker

Why should you consider using an electric cooker? Well, here are a few reasons to get you started:

  • By installing an electric cooker, you will waste even less heat during exploitation, which will considerably decrease your energy bills;
  • Your new appliance will be much easier to ventilate, meaning that you will be able to free up more kitchen space and make your cooking process even more enjoyable than before;
  • The cooker is made from modern, durable materials and will need less maintenance as a result;
  • Electric cookers are incredibly easy to use and you will quickly master its many functions, even if you are a novice cook.

We offer many types of electric installations

The polite and skilled professionals can readily provide you with any of the following:

  • Electric cookers installation with cable – Following all electric cooker installation instructions, the precise pro can plug in your new appliance via a 1.5 metres long, 6mm thick cable;
  • Electric built-in oven installation with cable – The expert will remove your old electric oven, check your current circuit and connect your new oven to the power grid with a cable of suitable length;
  • Electric hob installation with cable – When removing your old hob, the technician will properly fit the new electric hob to your existing circuit via a suitable 1.5 long, 6mm thick cable;
  • Cooker hood installation – The expert will remove your old cooker hood, check the existing wiring, and connect the new addition by following all IEE safety regulations

How the technicians will get the job done

Once the diligent team arrives at your property, they will:

  • Remove your cooker in line with all cooker installation regulations, then inspect the new appliance;
  • Evaluate all existing wiring and determining whether it can be reused or if it needs to be replaced;
  • Do a health and safety check to ensure that surrounding furniture can be easily accessed;
  • Test the cooker and its independent electric circuit to see if everything functions properly;
  • Provide you with a licensed copy of the electric cooker installation certificate or a gas certificate;
  • Deal with any remaining packaging rubbish before they leave your property.

Short checklist to go through before the experts arrive

Before making your cooker installation appointment, you will need to ensure that:

  • Your current supply outlet can meet the demands of your newly bought appliance;
  • You have a 32 amp outlet, needed for a freestanding electric cooker that consumes over 3KW;
  • You have a 13 amp outlet, needed for a single electric cooker that uses less than 2.99 KW;
  • Your electrical connection is safe to use and is within 1.5 metres of the required location;
  • The electricians have access to the area where you want to fit your cooker;
  • There is enough space at the back and either side of the cooker to ensure its proper ventilation;
  • There aren’t any flammable materials directly above the appliance (alarm sensors, boilers, etc.).