Electric Under Floor Heating Installation Dubairyktara

Retain Your Home’s Welcoming Warmth With an Underfloor Heating Installation

What goes into fitting an underfloor heating?

Forget about radiators – with a properly installed underfloor heating, you can spend an entire day in your pyjamas watching the intricate dance of the snowflakes outside. This system is hidden away from view, which leaves you more place for new furniture. It also has less impact on your monthly power bill and, unlike it’s ancient older brother, will evenly spread the heat throughout your room. So, whether you’ve decided to renovate your home or simply seek a new heating alternative, you can always count on HandymanDXB to fit your Dubai underfloor heating installation just the way you want. Here are a few more reasons why you should hire the skilled and precise technicians:

  • They will bring the appropriate set of tools for the job;
  • They are well-versed in fitting both dry and wet underfloor heating;
  • They know how to properly place the insulation boards;
  • They will lay the heating mats in accordance with your room’s dimensions;
  • They will work quickly and will neatly connect the underfloor heating wires.

Old methods and new technology unite to keep your home cosy at a lower cost

Generally, the underfloor heating installation comes in two varieties – a “wet” system that runs warm water through a series of pipes under the floor, or a “dry” system that is equipped with special electric coils, also below floor level. If you choose the latter, the swift and diligent professionals can fit your underfloor heating construction on top of an already existing floor, with a negligible extra floor height of about 20mm.

Learn more about underfloor heating mats in our short FAQ section


Q: Will I be able to fit the heating on my own or do I need certified help?

A: Each cable, cable mat, and carbon film underfloor system comes with a user-friendly installation manual that contains all the DIY information you need. Keep in mind, however, that any electric underfloor heating repair or wiring tasks should only be handled by a licensed and experienced handyman.

Q: Will the electric underfloor heating installation alone be enough to efficiently heat my room?

A: Yes, in addition to keeping your floor surface warm, your electric underfloor heating system is perfectly capable of maintaining a comfortable room temperature. You will only need extra heating appliances if your room isn’t properly insulated or if the weather outside is well below the freezing point. However, all of this can be avoided with a well-insulated shelter and a b&q flooring installation with a higher heat output.

Q: What if my floor reaches high temperatures?

A: Each thermostat will be outfitted with a floor sensor probe that will frequently report your flooring’s current temperature. If you find that the temperatures are too low or high to your liking, you can easily adjust them via the thermostat. For your comfort, we recommend keeping the temperature levels between 22 and 27°C. Keep in mind, however, that some wooden floors and vinyl/linoleum coverings may shrink or become discoloured if exposed to temperatures higher than 28°C.

Q: What are the dangers of using underfloor heating?

A: Underfloor heating systems pose absolutely no risk to you or to your property. Instead of concentrating heat in one small area like most radiators do, the underfloor heating diffuses heat throughout the entire room, keeping the temperatures even. As a result, the floor surface will emit much less heat than the traditional heating appliances, completely eliminating the risk of fire even when using kitchen underfloor heating.

Q: Can I place underfloor heating in my bathroom or wet room?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure that your thermostat isn’t mounted within the bathroom. Instead, place it on an exterior wall, for example in your hallway. Then, connect the floor probe to the underfloor heating in your bathroom/wet room by carefully running it through the wall.

Q: Is it a good idea to outfit my conservatory with underfloor heating?

A: An electric underfloor heating system is a great addition to any conservatory. Usually, you’ll need a high-output set-up (200W/m2) to compensate for the much larger area of your greenhouse. However, when installing underfloor heating for laminate or wooden flooring, we suggest that you get a 160W/m2 system instead to avoid surface cracks or shrinking. And don’t forget to also place top-notch insulation boards to keep the heat inside.