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The House Fuse Box Replacement in Dubai You Can Trust

Is it time to replace your old electric fuse box?

Times change, and so do electrical regulations. Unfortunately, there are many households in the UAE that haven’t yet received professional electric fuse box replacement and many people still find themselves relying on these old clumps of wiring on a daily basis. If your property is in a similar condition, then you should change your fuse box as soon as possible to keep you and those around you completely safe.

Leave your electrical installation in the hands of professionals

Even if your ancient consumer unit is working as intended, you will still need to update it to meet the latest 17th edition wiring regulations. The certified and skilled electricians at Fantastic Handyman can easily set up a rcd fuse box that will not only easily handle today’s ever-increasing electricity demands, but also successfully pass Dubai strict Building Regulations.

What goes into fuse box replacement?


Professional earth & bonding check

So, how does one replace a fuse? Before replacing a fuse box or a circuit breaker fuse of any kind, the precise technician will first check if everything is properly earthed and bonded. This diligent inspection will include all electric power distribution equipment that you currently use. If the professional discovers any faults in your electrical installation, then we will have to postpone your fuse board replacement session until all problems have been safely resolved.

Quality testing & troubleshooting

The reliable specialists in London will always start by carefully inspecting your electrical fuse box for any signs of defects. This way, the pros will know exactly how much effort they’ll need to put in, and any extra work will be included in your final fuse box replacement cost. As soon as they replace the consumer unit, the knowledgeable team will move on to check each and every circuit to ensure that your new installation is good to go. At this stage, they can also replace the circuit breaker if it turns out to be faulty.

Meeting all old fuse box replacement regulations

All electric consumer unit replacement tasks will be carried out in accordance with all BS 7671 wiring requirements. To ensure your peace of mind, your licensed technician will also present you with an official NICEIC certification. Thus, you can always count on the technicians to safely take care of everything from the moment they enter your property.

Free of charge trip to the council

Consumer unit replacement, as with many things in life, comes with a healthy dose of bureaucracy. Even the simple changing of a fuse in a fuse box will require you to visit your local council and notify them of this alteration. And guess what – you will be charged a hefty fee the moment you do so. Your competent and registered electrician, on the other hand, will happily visit the council for you at no extra cost.