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Keep Your Appliances in Good Repair with a Reliable PAT Testing in Dubai

The seasoned PAT testers will make everything run smoothly

If you suspect that some of your appliances are faulty or just need a maintenance check, rely on the seasoned Fantastic Handyman technicians to find the optimal solution. The precise and skilled team will carry out a thorough electrical PAT test to check your equipment’s efficiency and determine whether it is running smoothly or not. The type and size of your appliances is not a concern – from the toaster in your kitchen to your professional home recording studio, the team will always perform a reliable check at affordable PAT testing prices.

Have all indicators turn green with proper appliance testing


Am I legally obliged to carry out electrical PAT testing?

Having your equipment checked by a PAT tester is not a legal requirement and therefore you will not be fined if you decide to skip it. However, you are legally (and morally) responsible to use only well maintained devices. If your electrical records become outdated, you may be fined with up to AED50000 or would have to face legal consequences.

How often do I need to hire appliance testing services?

There are no official PAT testing requirements as of yet. To be on the safe side, however, you can follow our appliances testing recommendations below:

  • Class 1 equipment, such as heaters, fridges, washing machines, or IT equipment, should be checked by a swift and licensed appliance tester once every 48 months;
  • Movable equipment, such as extension leads, mobile air conditioning units, or portable electric fires should pass electrical appliance testing every 24 months.

Each polite and knowledgeable handyman has passed an extensive PAT testing course

…and will follow all safety regulations to ensure that your gear is working properly. Our portable electrical appliance testing is just the thing you need if you are a:

  • Landlord;
  • Touring musician;
  • Trade show exhibitor;
  • Mobile DJ;
  • Car workshop owner;
  • Pub or club owner;
  • Hair salon owner;
  • Manager of a commercial business office;
  • Specialist who works in any other similar field.

Is portable appliance testing required for all pieces of equipment?

The portable appliance testers can check as many pieces of equipment as you wish. Smaller appliances usually require a good visual inspection only. Others, however, will need to be tested with a special PAT testing machine. In general, there are no rules set in stone on how or when every appliance test should be carried out. That is why we advise you to create your personal PAT list and to always start your session with the riskiest gear you own.