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Charge Your Smart Devices Faster with Expert USB Outlet Installation

Hire an expert to install a USB outlet and save lots of precious time

If you have an older home, chances are that all your power outlets come with two or even a single socket. And the last thing you want to do after a long day at work is to turn into a power charger regulator as you unplug various appliances to make room for your tablet or smartphone. HandymanDXB can end your frustration once and for all by installing a USB outlet at any desired location in your property. Now, you won’t have to disconnect your bedside lamp just to charge up your phone!

The many reasons to get a USB outlet

The first benefit of a professional USB outlet installation is obvious – you will keep the power charger clutter to a minimum. In other words, a few extra USB ports in your home will allow you to plug in more devices without attaching clunky extensions and turning your outlets into a tangled jungle of cables. Another advantage of U-sockets lies in their ability to determine exactly how much power your phone or tablet needs to recharge its battery. And did we mention that they are completely Eco-friendly?

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Q: What will my USB outlet installation service include?

The skilled and experienced technicians can install up to 3 customer-supplied U-sockets in a room or rooms of your preference. Depending on your needs, the certified electricians can either wire pure USB outlets or a combination that includes a traditional power outlet along with several USB ports. Just keep in mind that, in order to install any USB wall outlet, the team will have to remove your existing outlet first.

Q: How will the team get their job done?

Once the diligent professionals enter your property, they will open their toolboxes and:

  • Shut off the power to the outlet that needs to be replaced;
  • Carefully unscrew the faceplate with a suitable screwdriver;
  • Check the voltage of the receptacle and its wiring with a voltage detector;
  • Remove the power outlet from the electrical box in accordance with all safety regulations;
  • Disconnect all wires from the old outlet and rewire them to your new USB receptacle;
  • Connect all coloured wires accordingly with either a pair of needle-nose pliers or wire strippers.

Q: Do I have to do anything in advance to prepare for my USB outlet installation session?

A: We would kindly ask you to supply the electrician with your personally chosen USB wall outlets. If the expert has to perform additional work or requires any additional components, he will make sure to notify you as soon as possible over the course of your appointment.

Q: Can my specialist install more than 3 USB wall outlets at once?

A: Of course! However, make sure to inform your professional of your intentions first to receive an individual price estimate. Keep in mind that you will only be charged once the job is done.

Q: Is there anything else I should know on how to install a USB power outlet?

A: In general, modern USB outlets go twice as deep than their regular counterparts. So, if your home has been built a while back, your new U-sockets may have trouble fitting into the thin construction of your walls. And don’t forget that, with USB outlets, more isn’t always better. The more devices you connect to your fancy USB ports, the longer you’ll have to wait until your devices get fully charged.