Picture, Mirror and Art Hanging Dubairyktara

Hang your artwork at just the right spot

If hung incorrectly, even the most avant-garde picture or mirror runs the risk of remaining unnoticed by yassembly-service-c-mobileour guests. Fantastic Handyman will help you present your artwork in the best possible light by using the right hardware to securely mount it on any type of wall. Hanging paintings becomes much easier with a pair of professional hands. Regardless of the shape and size of your picture frame or mirror, the polite, fast, and skilled technicians will carry a wide assortment of tools and materials to hang your artwork in a safe manner. With this service you get:

  • A time-saving and cost-efficient service;
  • All tools and equipment are provided by the pros;
  • Extra materials can be purchased and delivered to your place;
  • Pricing based on the time your service took;

Stop by our FAQ section to find out the answers you need


Q: What does the service include?

A: Well, here are a few examples:

  • Wall hanging mirrors and picture frames at a height that matches your eye level;
  • Mounting heavy paintings in places where they complement the décor and lighting of your home;
  • Every piece of your decorative wall art will be positioned with great care and attention to detail;
  • Positioning advice from picture hanging experts that you can use to make the most of your mirrors and pictures.

Q: Can you mount weighty pictures and mirrors?

A: Absolutely! However, if the item is really heavy then it would be best to warn us in advance. We will send a second handyman to help out.

Q: What if my mirror or picture doesn’t arrive with stock brackets or other hardware that I can attach to my wall?

A: Usually, brand new pictures and mirrors include a set of hangers or hanging wires that are specifically designed to withstand the weight of said item. Should that not be the case, just inform us and we’ll supply everything for you. We’ll choose and install proper hardware that will easily bear the weight of your bathroom or kitchen wall decor. We will then add this and any other professional picture hanging expenses to your final billing.

Q: Do I have to provide tools or instruments?

A: No, your fantastic tradesman will bring everything necessary from the wide range of minor and general fix-ups, renovations, home maintenance, repairs and other handyman services and odd jobs..

Q: Are my walls suitable for my chosen decoration?

Homes that feature brick, plaster, or concrete walls can be adorned with any kind of artwork you fancy. On the other hand, hanging heavy picture frames or mirrors on plasterboard, plaster, lathe, and other similar wall types is a tricky business that may result in property damage. If your room is outfitted with a picture rail moulding or hanging rails, then weight will no longer be an issue – we can use these instead to mount your decorations with rail hooks and wires.

Q: Can you mount my TV on the wall as well?

Certainly! Just notify us prior your booking so the handyman can be aware and bring the tools required for fitting a TV on the wall.

Q: How much time does a job take?

  • A: Placement of a small mirror or picture (25cm x 25cm) takes about 5 minutes;
  • Placement of a medium mirror or picture (up to 1m x 1m) takes about 15 minutes;
  • Placement of a big mirror or picture (more than 1m x 1m) takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • If your mirror or picture weighs more than expected, please let us know. We can always send two professionals to get the job done.

Q: What regions do you cover?

A: We deliver our art hanging services in all areas within Dubai.

Q: What other typical jobs you need?

A: The fantastic tradesmen often handle curtains fitting to windows, general and minor plaster repair, secure mounting shelves installation and other odd job man services.