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The task of replacing a kitchen sink has now become a walk in the park

After working on your renovation project for months on end, you are just one step away from bringing your dream kitchen to life. But when was the last time you’ve checked the condition of your kitchen sink plumbing? Handyman can help you protect your hard-earned investment by Replacement of Sinks and Basins. The experts will also:

  • Update your bathroom’s looks with basin fitting and sink installation services;
  • Carry all suitable tools needed to install new or replace old taps, joints, or pipes;
  • Arrive for any weekday or bank holiday at a time of your preference;
  • Share professional maintenance tips to help you make the most of your upgrades;
  • Cover any district that is included within Dubai zone.

Learn all about our sink fitting methodology with this short FAQ

Why should I hire professionals for Replacement of Sinks and Basins?

Fitting a kitchen sink or that in your bathroom is a process that requires careful preparation. The experienced specialists will save you lots of time and squatting by carrying adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measures, and sanitary silicone sealants to immediately assist you with fitting a basin waste, placing a sink waste trap, and more. The pros can also perform plumbing repairs, for instance replacing cracked pipes & leaking joints or fixing dripping taps. What’s more, the price to replace your kitchen sink will remain the same for any day of the week and the experts will always give their absolute best to ensure you get your money’s worth.

What plumbing and installation methods do you use?

With Handyman, It’s not a matter of , Replacement of Sinks and Basins. The diligent handymen can mount stylish undermount sinks and cosy apron front sinks with the same ease they can perform a traditional drop-in sink installation. The team can also fix or replace any single component of your already existing sinks, so you can count on the professionals whenever installing a sink drain, fitting a basin waste, or placing a new kitchen sink trap are tasks that are high up your to-do list.

Will I need special Replacement of Sinks and Basins for my kitchen or bathroom sink?

Usually, most standard-size sinks will readily accommodate any of the universal faucet types on the market. However, some fitting kitchen sink projects may require you to shop for, say, 4″ or 8″ spread faucets. If you don’t know which ones to pick for your brand new sink or basin, the helpful handymen will readily take all measurements for you and suggest you good-quality faucets that fit your particular model. A few turns of the basin wrench later, you will be able to enjoy a fully functional kitchen or bathroom sink that also looks the part!

How can I maintain my sink in good condition?

You don’t have to replace the entire kitchen sink plumbing every time a leak occurs. The knowledgeable pros will be more than happy to share on-site taps & plumbing maintenance tips to keep your sink or basin in tip-top shape. For instance, you can retain your faucets’ shine by applying a non-abrasive liquid detergent and wiping the surfaces from all sides with a soft cloth. However, when it comes to kitchen sink fittings or thorough plumbing repair, it’s always best to leave such complicated tasks in the hands of a certified professional.


Abu Hail,
Al Awir First,
Al Awir Second,
Al Bada,
Al Baraha,
Al Barsha First,
Al Barsha Second,
Al Barsha South First,
Al Barsha South Second,
Al Barsha South Third,
Al Barsha Third,
Al Buteen,
Al Dhagaya,
Al Furjan,
Al Garhoud,
Al Guoz Fourth,
Al Hamriya, Dubai,
Al Hamriya Port,
Al Hudaiba,
Al Jaddaf,
Al Jafiliya,
Al Karama,
Al Khabisi,
Al Khwaneej First,
Al Khwaneej Second,
Al Kifaf,
Al Mamzar,
Al Manara,
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Al Muteena
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Al Qusais Industrial First,
Al Qusais Industrial Fourth,
Al Qusais Industrial Second,
Al Qusais Industrial Third,
Al Qusais Second,
Al Qusais Third,
Al Raffa,
Al Ras,
Al Rashidiya,
Al Rigga,
Al Safa First,
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Al Safouh First,
Al Safouh Second,

Al Satwa,
Al Shindagha,
Al Souq Al Kabeer,
Al Twar First,
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Al Warqa’a Fifth,
Al Warqa’a First,
Al Warqa’a Fourth,
Al Warqa’a Second,
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Al Wasl,
Al Waheda,
Ayal Nasir,
Bu Kadra,
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Emirates Hill Third,
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Jebel Ali Palm,
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Palm Jumeirah,
Jumeirah Second,
Jumeirah Third,
Jumeirah 1,
Jumeirah 2,
Jumeirah 3,
Jumeirah Park,
Jumeirah Village circle,
Jumeirah Dirstricts,
Arabian Renches,
Motor City,
Silicon Osis,
Jumeirah Beach Residence,
Al Wasl,
Al Safa,
Umm Al Sheif,
Umm Suqiem,
Madinat Jumeirah,
Al Mankhool,
Marsa Dubai,
Muhaisanah Fourth,
Muhaisanah Second,
Muhaisanah Third,
Muhaisnah First,
Al Mushrif,
Nad Al Hammar,
Nadd Al Shiba Fourth,
Nadd Al Shiba Second,

Nadd Al Shiba Third,
Nad Shamma,
Al Muteena First,
Al Muteena Second,
Al Nasr, Dubai,
port Saeed,
Arabian Ranches,
Ras Al Khor,
Ras Al Khor Industrial First,
Ras Al Khor Industrial Second,
Ras Al Khor Industrial Third,
Rigga Al Buteen,
Trade Centre 1,
Trade Centre 2,
Umm Al Sheif,
Umm Hurair First,
Umm Hurair Second,
Umm Ramool,
Umm Suqeim First,
Umm Suqeim Second,
Umm Suqeim Third,
Wadi Alamardi,
Warsan First,
Warsan Second,
Za’abeel First,
Za’abeel Second,
Knowledge Village,
Dubai Media City,
Dubai Internet City,
The Greens,
Discovery Gardens,
Green Community,
Jebel Ali Gardens,
Aykon city,
Tcom city,
Downtown Dubai,
Elite Residence,
Dubai Sports City,
Business Bay,
Falcon City,
Jumeirah Village Triangle,
Sheikh Zaid Road,
Polo Homes,
Studio City,
The Garden Dubai,
Dubai Marina,
Mudon villa,
Flamingo Villa,
The Lakes,
Jumeirah Hights,
Jumeirah Islands,
Dubai production city,
Jumeirah Golf Estate,
The Sustainable city,
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Dubai lifestyle city,

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